Should You Use Free Weights Or Weight Machines?

You’re not alone if you wonder whether you’re better off lifting free weights than using weight machines. The answer to this question is complex because it really depends on your circumstances and goals. In simplistic terms, you may wonder which will give you the most bulk. Well, while free weights will make use of more muscle groups, they won’t necessarily build larger muscles. It depends how much, how often, and in what form you use each. Both can be used to get a full body workout and build a full body of muscles. multihead weigher

Free dumbbells generally cost less, and do provide a workout for more muscle groups during each weight lifting motion. But, weight machines help you to maintain proper form, which is more important for proper muscle development and injury avoidance. You don’t need a workout partner to use most weight machines. They are safe to use alone if you have a basic understanding of proper form. The free weights should be done with a weight lifting partner for the best results.

So, naturally, if you’re a beginner, weight machines are the safest and generally most effective route to take. Most of the machines have simple instructions on their proper use and won’t allow you to use terrible form, though it is possible to misuse machines. Further, machines are designed to really allow you to isolate specific muscle groups.

On the other hand, if you buy a cheap weight lifting machine, you may be repeatedly using improper form as the machine doesn’t move in the correct ranges of motion or allows you to cheat on your motions too easily. Also, muscle isolation is good when you want it, but sometimes you want a full body workout. You have to do a whole lot of sets isolating a variety of muscles to get the same full body workout you would with just a few free weights. On the other hand, it takes a lot longer to adjust your weights for each motion with free weights, while weight machines can typically be adjusted with a couple flicks of the wrist.

It should also be noted that free dumbbells involve additional use of your muscles to maintain your balance, improving your ability to maintain balance in the process. The great thing is that you can buy an entire free weight set for a fraction of the price of one good weight machine.

As you can see, the right choice for you between free weights and a weight machine is dependent upon your own needs and situation. Both can be used to build the same amount of muscle, though free weights may help you get there more quickly and good weight machines can help you get there more safely on your own

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