Realme GT 5G, A High-End Android Smartphone From Indian Seller


Realme GT is the next big handset from Realme. It is equipped with some features that are quite similar to the Opproid Re towards the low end. However, the difference lies in the features and the price. Realme has worldwide launched the new dual SIM mobile – Realme GT which will support both the 5G network and the older 3G network. The phone is however yet to be introduced in India. In addition, it’s expected that this phone shall be accessible at an introductory price of roughly Rs. realme gt 5g

The body of the Realme GT5 is made up of plastic. The backside has a metallic appearance and has also been treated with a thin layer of paint. The body lays flat on a metallic frame. The dual SIM tray and the micro SD card slots are neatly placed under the buttons of the keyboard. In terms of the camera and the storage, both the cameras can be accessed through the removable card slots.

On the other hand, the Realme GT5G is another handset from Realme, which is another customizable mobiles smartphone in the market. The company claims that the Realme phone gives the users the freedom to change their look and feel and customizing the whole system in accordance with their preferences. In this case, the company has met the expectations as the colors and textures used in this model has been customized according to the user’s preferences. It is quite surprising that RIM would take such pains as it adds a Personalized Heat set to the RIM Blackberry. The RIM Blackberry has already established itself as one of the leading communication gadgets and the Realme phones have joined this race by adding a further level of customization and appeal.

The RIM Realme GT5G is loaded with features that have made this smart phone stand out among the rest. The first feature that one notices upon opening the phone is that it has a large capacitive display, which is quite large and gives a rich vibrant appeal. The Realme uses an advanced power saving mechanism that supports the low energy consumption while the phone remains charged. The battery comes with a long charge life and is also capable of supporting multiple networks; this is quite surprising because many leading wireless network service providers in India do not support this smartphone.

Apart from this, the Realme GT5G also comes with a fantastic camera that has got a high resolution and offers good pictures. The camera has a high optical zoom that makes for clear and fantastic pictures. Another amazing attribute of this smartphone is that it has got a USB port that is perfect for connecting your headphones to it. A unique feature like this is really rare to find in a smartphone and in a market where manufacturers are flooding the market, it makes for an excellent buy.

This smart phone also has two variants – the basic phone and the Mi 11x Pro 5g that comes with the camera. With the dual SIM card slot, one can easily go for a different SIM card if required. The Mi 11x are also comes with a fingerprint scanner on its home key and offers a spacious keyboard. With a high-end feature, price and durability, the Realme GT5G from Indian seller Reddy’s is definitely one of the best gadgets available right now.

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