Oppo reno6 pro 5g


Oppo Rehiba Pro series was launched by Oppo in the market with some of the features that have made this a leading smart phone. The company claims that its latest mobile device has the features of a mini-notebook and it also has the features that are found in a laptop. The handset is equipped with the Windows operating system that comes preinstalled. The operating system has to be downloaded on the phone itself. It can be downloaded free of cost.

The smart phone comes with Windows operating system preinstalled as well but it has certain unique features that are not seen in any other smartphone. The handset runs on the Windows CE platform and also has got the unique mediatek dim density display. This helps in providing clear images to the users with the help of HTC touch technology. It also has got the innovative camera-centric innovations. The images can be captured in the MMS format and uploaded on Facebook or twitter.

There are several variants of the Oppo Rehiba Pro series from which one can get the best model. The global variant of the handset has got the unique two-tone ringtones feature. This feature allows the users to set the ringer to different notes like g, a e and b. Apart from the ringtones, the Oppo reno6 pro also has got a total of six customizable widgets that come preinstalled in the handset.

These widgets are namely the compass, clock, contacts, camera, contacts manager, calculator, MMS and the web browser. The clock widget in the global variant of the Oppo Reno has got the innovative dual boot system that enables the users to boot both the Windows and the Android operating systems. The Android platform runs on the Dalmatian OS and the Windows platform is on the Desktop PC. One of the unique features of the Oppo Reno series is the mediator density screen material. The dual screen feature enables the users to use both the QWERTY keyboard and capacitive smart keypad for inputting on the phone.

The HTC touch screen helps to input text messages, emails as well as the task manager. The phone has got the complete internet suite including the Google play app. The Oppo reno6 pro 5g global variant also offers a data backup software. The data backup software helps in restoring the old data in case of any crash. oppo reno6 pro 5g

There are several other advanced facilities in the Oppo Reno series like the dual memory option, expandable storage, microSD slot etc. The memory slots are available for adding some more memory cards. The microSD slot supports the flash memory for storing the photo shoots and the videos. In the HTC touch screen the main camera sensor has been placed above the home button and the secondary camera sensor can be placed at the back of the phone beside the dock connector port. The ear phone jack connector at the bottom of the phone facilitates easy connectivity with your headset as well.

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