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A Percolation Test or Site Assessment is required for planning permissions for all proposed new homes which do not have access to public mains and in some counties it is also required for planning applications for extensions to existing houses. A Percolation Test and Site Assessment is essentially an analysis of your site; the hydraulic properties of your soil; and the height of the water table on your site, in order to determine what type of wastewater treatment system and percolation area would be most suitable to deal with your household wastewater. The waste system design consists of a Wastewater Treatment System (septic tank, packages treatment system, peat filters, wetlands) and percolation area. Proper testing, system selection and percolation design minimise the risk of contamination of our water resources and malfunction of your system.
We are entirely independent of any wastewater treatment system manufacturer and so recommend the system which is most suitable to your site, and advise on the economics of any options which may exist. Our tests are all carried out by a qualified and Chartered Surveyor who has also completed the FAS/FETAC “Site Suitability On-site Wastewater Treatment” Certificate. We carry full Professional Indemnity Insurance as required by the County Council.
Our service options include recommending a suitable location for the wastewater system on your site, supervision of digging the test holes, the full percolation test and visual assessment on a prearranged day, advice on a suitable system, detailed percolation area/polishing filter design and preparation of the EPA Site Characterisation Report. Our reports are typically ready within three or four working days of the test and include the EPA Site Characterisation Form, Site plan with detailed percolation area design and Photographs of the test. Copies are forwarded to you/your architect and to the manufacturer of your choice for preparation of the manufacturer’s recommendations, maintenance contract and Agrement Certificate as required for planning purposes. We can also arrange for the digging of the trial holes and water supply if required for an additional fee .

          Local Authorities are now requesting various environmental reports relating to planning applications and effluent discharge licenses. Even if the development is only a single house, if it is in a sensitive location such as an SAC, SPA, NHA, Ramsar Site etc, an ecological assessment will now be required. MCM -Epa Site Assessments are on an exclusive panel acceptable for Donegal County Council to carry out the required assessments to the required standards.
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M.C.M Architecture & Surveying Ltd t/a MCM Associates : Meetinhgouse St, Raphoe, Co.Donegal,  Tel: 074 91 44968
MCM  - Epa Site Suitability Assessments in Donegal  - are a subsidiary service offered by MCM. Associates -  Architecture & Surveying which is a progressive and vibrant architectural design company, located on the main street in Raphoe, Co Donegal. The company is headed up by TJ McMenamin and has been involved in architectural design in The Donegal area for the last 15 years.
       We draw on this expertise in the design and construction sector, to ensure that we can develop the clients ideas and aspirations into reality, in an efficient and cost efficient manner, which will result in building projects that we can all be proud of.
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T.J McMenamin - Principle Surveyor
Meetinghouse St
Co. Donegal
Tel: 074 - 91 44968
Fax: 074 - 91 45437
Mob : 087 288 7639
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